A waypoint, or a magi-matter-transportive device, is a mini-gate that players can instantly travel to by using the map. Before a character can use a particular waypoint for map travel, it must be discovered through exploration. Undiscovered waypoints will be displayed on the compass and map, and approaching the waypoint will unlock it for that character. Map travel within a city is free, but traveling to waypoints in other parts of the world costs a fee in coin based on the distance between the character's current location and the destination waypoint, as well as the character's non-scaled level. During and after dynamic events, waypoints can become contested if the area is taken over by enemies. These waypoints will be unavailable for map travel until they have been liberated. A normal zone typically has between 10 and 20 waypoints.

Map travel is not available while in combat. Defeated players can choose to be revived at a waypoint for the same fee as regular map travel. If a character is defeated with no coin, they can be revived for free at the nearest waypoint.

Along with points of interest, Shift-clicking or Ctrl-clicking on a discovered waypoint on the compass or map creates a clickable link in chat. Double-clicking on a discovered waypoint allows to bypass confirmation window.

During the events of Season 2 of the Living Story, it is revealed that waypoints will only function if placed on a leyline. If a waypoint was not placed on a leyline, it would eventually fail, and the Asura would remove it. Therefore, the asura have unknowingly mapped the location of leylines all over Tyria. This discovery by Scarlet Briar allowed her to locate the massive leyline hub under Lion's Arch, disrupt it, and awaken Mordremoth.

Shortly after, Mordremoth's vines started entangling waypoints, even destroying some like at Fort Marriner.

Taimi deduced Mordremoth's vines were attracted to the waypoints' magical resonance and developed a machine that could tap into the waypoint network and retune waypoints to a different frequency that was less attractive to the Mordrem. The implications of this machine are that the waypoint network can be "hacked", and waypoints are somewhat programmable.

Taimi's machine was commandeered by Councillor Phlunt when it was found to work, and since then, vines are no longer attacking waypoints.

Map icons

Waypoint (map icon).png Available/unlocked
Locked waypoint (map icon).png Locked
Contested waypoint (map icon).png Contested

Personal Waypoint

Players can create a personal waypoint on the map by Alt+Click a point on the map. This point has a gray star and labeled Personal Waypoint. The waypoint is viewable by other members of the party. You can view other party member's waypoints as indicated by a blue version of the star and the player's name. This provides a useful way to communicate position or goals to other players. These waypoints are only map markers.

Map Icons
What you see:
Personal waypoint (map icon).png
, what party members see:
Personal waypoint blue (map icon).png



The total cost of traveling to a waypoint depends on your level and the distance traveled and is made up of two components:

  • A base fee that is strictly dependent on your level
  • A distance fee that depends both on your level and the distance.

At lower levels, the distance fee dominates, making it more expensive to get too far away from your starting city. At higher levels, the base fee reaches a few silver, making it expensive to travel short distances using waypoints.

文件:Waypoint Base Fee.jpg
Waypoint Base Fee vs. Level
Base fee [verification requested]
  • The base fee increases linearly with your level (from 1-30 then faster from 30-80, see below) with costs ranging from Copper coin to Silver coin 39 Copper coin.
  • You pay the base fee even if standing next to the waypoint.
Distance fee [verification requested]

This fee depends both on distance traveled and player level. It appears to be linear to the distance of the straight-line distance between the current location and the destination. It scales with your level, but uses a different formula than used for the base fee. For example, the distance fee from Hoelbrak to Rata Sum ranges from 24 Copper coin to Silver coin 42 Copper coin — 700% versus 174% of the respective base costs.

Maximum costs when defeated, but broke.

If you are defeated, you can always travel to the nearest waypoint.

  • If you don't have enough money, you will not be charged beyond what you have left.
  • If the waypoint is contested, you will have to wait to travel (or have someone mail you the cost to travel to the next nearest waypoint).
  • You cannot travel to the mists while defeated.

Base fee

Character Level Base Fee
1 3 Copper coin
2 4 Copper coin
3 5 Copper coin
4 5 Copper coin
5 5 Copper coin
6 6 Copper coin
7 6 Copper coin
8 7 Copper coin
9 8 Copper coin
10 8 Copper coin
11 9 Copper coin
12 9 Copper coin
13 9 Copper coin
14 9 Copper coin
15 10 Copper coin
16 11 Copper coin
17 11 Copper coin
18 12 Copper coin
19 12 Copper coin
20 12 Copper coin
Character Level Base Fee
21 12 Copper coin
22 13 Copper coin
23 13 Copper coin
24 14 Copper coin
25 15 Copper coin
26 15 Copper coin
27 16 Copper coin
28 16 Copper coin
29 16 Copper coin
30 16 Copper coin
31 19 Copper coin
32 22 Copper coin
33 24 Copper coin
34 27 Copper coin
35 29 Copper coin
36 32 Copper coin
37 34 Copper coin
38 36 Copper coin
39 38 Copper coin
40 41 Copper coin
Character Level Base Fee
41 44 Copper coin
42 46 Copper coin
43 49 Copper coin
44 51 Copper coin
45 53 Copper coin
46 55 Copper coin
47 58 Copper coin
48 61 Copper coin
49 63 Copper coin
50 66 Copper coin
51 68 Copper coin
52 71 Copper coin
53 73 Copper coin
54 75 Copper coin
55 77 Copper coin
56 80 Copper coin
57 83 Copper coin
58 85 Copper coin
59 88 Copper coin
60 90 Copper coin
Character Level Base Fee
61 92 Copper coin
62 94 Copper coin
63 97 Copper coin
64 1 Silver coin 0 Copper coin
65 1 Silver coin 2 Copper coin
66 1 Silver coin 5 Copper coin
67 1 Silver coin 7 Copper coin
68 1 Silver coin 10 Copper coin
69 1 Silver coin 12 Copper coin
70 1 Silver coin 14 Copper coin
71 1 Silver coin 16 Copper coin
72 1 Silver coin 19 Copper coin
73 1 Silver coin 22 Copper coin
74 1 Silver coin 24 Copper coin
75 1 Silver coin 26 Copper coin
76 1 Silver coin 29 Copper coin
77 1 Silver coin 31 Copper coin
78 1 Silver coin 33 Copper coin
79 1 Silver coin 36 Copper coin
80 1 Silver coin 39 Copper coin

Reducing travel costs

Guild upgrades
  • Guilds can activate an upgrade to temporarily reduce waypoint costs by 15% for representing members.
Travel through the mists to reach Lion's Arch

You can reduce the fees paid for fast travel primarily by going through the mists to get to Lion's Arch:

  • Open the PvP interface and click Go to the Heart of the Mists and take the asura gate. (Requires completion of the PvP tutorials.)
  • Open the World versus World panel (shortcut: B) and enter any of the four maps; take the asura gate to LA.
Travel to other cities via Lion's Arch
  • From Lion's Arch, you can travel to any other city for free via the asura gates at Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint.
  • You can travel back to LA using the gate located at your arrival point from LA.
Travel to the Hall of Monuments with the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone for no charge.
Other free waypoints
  • Inside each of the major cities.
  • Inside dungeons.
  • Inside World versus World. (Contains Merchants, Crafting Stations, Banks, Trading Posts, and once left will return you to your original location in PvE).
Other tips
  • To travel to a specific location in the city without going through the mists, use the internal waypoints after using one of the following methods:
    • Aim for the waypoint just outside the city and then walk across the portal.
    • Aim for the nearest waypoint in the city first.
  • To travel to non-city destinations, travel for free via LA to the city nearest your destination, step outside the city, and then use the waypoints.
  • To travel to Fort Trinity in Orr, you can use the asura gate in your chosen order's headquarters; this is unlocked during your personal story.
  • Durmand Priory (location) in Lornar's Pass may be reached via Asura Gate in the Postern Ward of Lions Arch.
  • Pearl Islet in Southsun Cove may be reached via Asura Gate on north edge of Deverol Island in Lions Arch.

Traveling to a waypoint is unsuccessful if attempted in the midst of losing a connection to the server, or if attempting to waypoint to another map with a different build number from the one you're on. You will still be charged for the waypoint cost, and unfortunately there is no refund.

Map completion


  • According to Technician Penn, waypoints are magical matter-transportive devices devised by the asura to make it easier to travel long distances.
  • There was some inconsistency in the Living Story as to what frequency would be less attractive to the Mordrem. In The Machine, Taimi says they needed a higher frequency, but in Recalibrating the Waypoints she says they needed to vibrate at a slower rate.
  • Initially at release, the cost of waypoints were considered expensive. But with the cost reduction when Captain Ellen Kiel was elected to the Lion's Arch Captain's Council, the amount of gold in the economy and ways to obtain it, there should never be a worry that waypoints are too expensive to use.
Addition of waypoints

The number of waypoints required for map completion has changed over time, from 477 during the first Beta Weekend event to 503 when the game launched. Since then, other waypoints have been added, and the WvW waypoints, along with all WvW Vistas, POI's, and Skill Points have been removed from the map completion requirement. All of these ARE still available, and the WvW Skill Points are still added to the character's totals.

Update Added New total
Game launch - 503
28 January 2013 6 509
26 February 2013 2 511
26 March 2013 1 512
15 October 2013 1 513
18 November 2014 -29 484

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