Guilds are a great way to connect to a community and make new friends. Each guild has its own chat channel and list of members to see who's available to play with. Members cooperate to purchase additional upgrades such as leveling bonuses, shared item vaults, and the ability to throw parties.

You may join a guild or start your own!

— Guild interface

Guilds are formal groupings of players that enable them to play together more effectively and reward them for doing so.


The benefits to joining an already established Guild include:


To create a guild, open the guild panel (G) and click on the "Create Guild" button. You will be asked to enter a guild name (up to 31 characters) and a tag of up to four characters. Guild tags are not unique, but guild names are. Alternatively, speak to a Guild Registrar in any of the major cities. It costs Gold coin to create a guild. You will be unable to create a guild while representing another, so you must "Stand Down" before creation. The guild emblem may be changed by speaking to a Guild Registrar.


The rank of Leader is automatically assigned to the creator with all guild privileges. The leader may invite additional members and promote them to any guild rank including that of leader. If there are no leaders in a guild then a member with the next highest rank is automatically promoted to leader. [verification requested]


If you are the last member to leave a guild then it will be immediately disbanded, deleted and unrecoverable, including all upgrades and anything in the vault. A guild with the same name can be created immediately afterwards.


The guild name and tag cannot be changed once a guild is established. However, guild members may simply create a new guild and disband the current one. Players are limited to creating two guilds per week. For instance, if you disband twice in the same week, you'll have to wait until one week passed since the moment you disbanded that week.


Guild membership is administered at the account level, and an account can hold membership in up to 5 guilds. Joining a guild requires an invitation sent from an existing member of the guild with "Admin Lower Ranks" privilege. Your open invitations can be found on the front tab of the guild panel, on the left, under "Invitations."

  • To accept an invitation to join a guild, select the guild in the "Invitations" list, then click the "Join Guild" button at the bottom of the window.
  • To leave a guild, select the guild from the "Account Guilds" list, then click the "Leave Guild" button at the bottom of the window. A player will need to stand down if they are representing the guild.

Guild membership is not limited to a single world. A guild can have members from any server, whether in the US or EU.

Initially, each guild is limited to 50 members. You can purchase the following capacity upgrades by speaking to a Guild Registrar in any of the major cities or WvW, only if the guild membership is at least 90% [verification requested] of the current maximum size:

Tier Max Size Cost
1 50 Silver coin
2 100 10 Silver coin
3 200 10 Silver coin
4 300 Gold coin
5 400 Gold coin
6 500 Gold coin


While guild membership is at the account level, guild representation is at the character level, providing access to the guild bank and any active guild upgrades.

To represent a guild, open the guild panel. On the sidebar, the "Account Guilds" tab list of all guilds your account is a member of. Select one and then click the "Represent" checkbox to the left of the guild name. You must do this individually for each character, since joining a guild does not automatically require you to represent it. Similarly, newly-created characters will not represent a guild until you select one for them.

To end a character's representation of a guild, uncheck the checkbox. The character will still belong to the guild, but not be able to use any of that guild's perks.

Member ranks

文件:Guild Ranks.jpg
Customized Guild Ranks

Each guild can organize members into ranks. Three ranks are defined on guild creation. Their initial titles and permissions are given below. Up to 10 ranks can be created. Titles and permissions of lower ranks can be customized by any guild member with the "Edit Ranks" privilege.

To change an individual member's rank, open the guild roster and right-click their rank icon. Leaders can revoke leadership privileges from themselves, keep this in mind while editing ranks or promoting members.

Permission Leader Officer Member Description
Edit Ranks 1 Create, delete, and edit the properties of ranks lower than this one.
Edit Guild Emblem Change the appearance of the guild emblem as it appears on all armor ,
flags, banners, and objects.
Change Guild Hall Music Change the guild hall's background music.
Change Guild Anthem Change the guild's anthem.
Edit Message of the Day Edit the message of the day which is broadcast to all guild members.
Claim Objectives Allowed to claim objectives.
Edit Claimable Options Allowed to edit options at guild-owned claimables.
Activate Claimable Tactics Allowed to activate upgrades at a claimable.
Spend Claimable Upgrades Allowed to claim objectives.
Purchase Upgrades Purchase upgrades for the guild.
Claim Guild Hall Claim a new guild hall for your guild.
Edit Assembly Queue Queue and reorder schematics in the workshop assembly.
Use Resonance Instantly complete in-progress schematics by spending resonance.
Use Placeables Utilize consumable placeables created via the workshop.
Guild World Events Activate guild world events.
Mission Control Activate guild missions.
Admin Lower Ranks 2 Invite new players to the guild. Promote, Demote, Kick current members only from lower ranks.
Team Administrator Create or delete teams and add or remove team members.
Guild Stash - Deposit Items Browse and deposit items into the small guild stash.
Guild Stash - Deposit Gold Browse and deposit funds into the small guild stash.
Guild Stash - Withdraw Items Withdraw items from the small guild stash.
Guild Stash - Withdraw Gold Withdraw funds from the small guild stash.
Treasure Trove - Deposit Items Browse and deposit items in the larger guild treasure trove.
Treasure Trove - Deposit Gold Browse and deposit funds in the larger guild treasure trove.
Treasure Trove - Withdraw Items Withdraw items from the larger guild treasure trove.
Treasure Trove - Withdraw Gold Withdraw gold from the larger guild treasure trove.
Decorator Player can place, move, and remove decorations in the guild hall.
Arena Decorator Player can place, move, and remove decorations in the arena.
Open Guild Portal Utilize the Guild Portal for group teleportation.
New Members Here3 New members will start at this rank. This permission can only exist on one rank.
1 Be careful administering your own rank, since you can accidentally remove privileges preventing you from further administration.
2 This setting is required to invite new members. Leaders are able to demote others with the same rank.
3 Specifies the rank that new members are assigned when they join.

Treasure Trove Deposit / Withdraw: This pair of permissions also control access to the Deep Cave segment of the Guild vault.

Edit Ranks: this permission allows an administrator to grant or deny permissions:

  • that the administrator rank itself has access to1 and
  • to ranks lower than the administrator.

Admin Lower Ranks: this permission allows an administrator to:

  • promote members up to the administrator's own rank2 or
  • demote members of rank lower than the administrator down to any lower rank or
  • kick members of rank lower than administrator.
1 & 2 A guild member with either of these permissions has the ability to elevate every underling to their own level of authority.



Guild Vault

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Guilds can create a Guild Vault, providing 50 storage slots shared by all members of the guild with sufficient privileges. Additional upgrades can be built that increase this space to 250 slots. The Guild Vault is accessed by speaking to a Guild Banker, located near Banks in major cities. It can also be accessed in World versus World by speaking with the NPC Guild Master.

World versus World

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Guilds can build upgrades that provide bonuses in World versus World. These bonuses become active when the guild claims an objective (supply camp, tower, keep or castle) and are granted to all allied players defending that objective.

Guild emblem

Designing an emblem

Guilds can build a "Guild Emblem Template" upgrade that allows members with the appropriate permission to create or modify an emblem for the guild by speaking to a Guild Registrar or clicking their emblem from the guild menu. Emblems consist of a two-color symbol overlaid on a single-color background pattern.

After an emblem is created, it will display in the guild panel and on any objective claimed by the guild in WvW. After building the Guild Armorer Contract or Guild Weapons Contract upgrades, members can purchase armor or weapons, respectively, that will also display the guild emblem.

  • The gallery of guild emblems shows all available symbols and backgrounds.
  • The emblem shown on guild armor or weapons is determined by the guild the character is currently representing. If you represent another guild, the new guild's emblem will be displayed. If you are not representing a guild, then no emblem will be shown.

The guild emblem is also displayed on banners:

  • Giving buffs to allies that touch them.
  • Denoting certain active guild missions (rush, challenge and puzzle).
  • At WvW fortifications claimed by the guild.

Guild Missions

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Added in the Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm update, these missions require co-operation of guild members to complete. They allow members to earn Guild Commendations and the guild itself to earn Favor.


  • There is no limit to the number of people assigned to each rank. You can have several people with all the privileges of leadership. Any of these players can demote any other.
  • As of the September 2014 Feature Pack, guilds are global and shared regardless of the world you are on. All merits, influence, and vaults were merged and shared across worlds.
  • Before the September 2014 Feature Pack, creating a guild costs Silver coin.
  • Free Accounts receive identical benefits from Guild membership except they have no access to the Guild vault, regardless of how permissions are set.


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