Commanders and squads are tools for organizing large groups of players in PvE and WvW.

Squads are large groups created and led by players with commander privileges. These privileges are unlocked on an account-wide basis by consuming a Commander's Compendium, which is purchased from a commander trainer for 300 Gold coin + 250 Badges of Honor.

Commander icon

Active commanders will display a commander icon (also known as a tag) on the world map, the compass, and above the commander's character to track their current location. This icon is typically visible to all players in the zone, with two exceptions:

  1. Squad members can only see the tag of their own leader on the map. (Squad leaders themselves retain the ability to see other commander tags.)
  2. All players in World versus World can only see tags belonging to commanders on their own team.

Commanders can display their icon in one of four colors, as shown above: blue, red, yellow, and purple. Hovering the cursor over any commander tags on the map will display "Commander <squad leader's name>".


To join a squad, click on a commander tag on the world map, right-click on a commander's portrait after targeting them, or right-click on their name in chat and select the option to join their squad. You do not need the commander's permission to join.

  • To leave a squad, type the chat command: /squadleave or open the party window (press "p") and select "leave" under squad.
  • Squad members can send messages via the squad chat channel, /d or /squad.
  • Squads are limited to 50 players.
  • Players can be members of a party and a squad at the same time.
  • All squad members are automatically removed when the commander disbands the squad.

Commander tools

文件:Squad creation.png
Squad creation UI.

There are additional tools available to commanders.

Squad creation

  • To create a squad, open the party UI located on the left hand side of the screen (default: P) and select "Create". This turns on your tag. Select "Disband" to turn it off.
  • The same panel allows you to choose an icon color: blue, red, yellow or purple. However, you cannot change the color without disbanding and recreating the squad.
  • A squad cannot be created if you are already in a squad.

Supply commands

Supply is used in World versus World. While commanding a squad, you have access to the following chat commands:

  • /squadinfo displays
    • names of squad members (adjacent allies that are non-members are not included)
    • amount of supply each is carrying
    • total number of squad members
    • total supply carried by all squad members
  • /supplyinfo displays
    • names of adjacent allies (including non-squad-members). Adjacent range is approximately 240 units.
    • amount of supply each is carrying
    • total number of adjacent allies
    • total supply carried by all adjacent allies

Map commands

文件:Commander's context menu.jpg
Commander's context menu.

ALT+Mouse1 on the map — Opens a context menu for adding special "order" icons visible to squad members (but not others). The available icons are:

Hovering over a commander's orders icon will display its function. All may be be simultaneously placed at different locations on the map; however, only one of each may be present at a time. They may be individually removed using Mouse1. Except for the personal waypoint, they are automatically removed when the squad is disbanded.


  • The September 2014 Feature Pack made several changes to the commander tool:
    • The tag became account bound.
    • Three new tag colors: red, yellow, and purple, in addition to the original blue.
    • The price of the Commander's Compendium increased to 300 Gold coin and 250 Badges of Honor, a net increase of 200 Gold coin.
    • The new features applied to existing commanders; those that had spent more than 300 Gold coin were given rebates of at least 100 Gold coin.
    • The Commander (effect) was removed.

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