Accounts are collections of characters associated with a single set of login credentials.

Account types

The original Free-to-Play (F2P) business model has since been modified by the introduction of totally free accounts, which are restricted. You may see references to 4 different account types with varying access to content. Upgrading to other account types unlocks additional access and content. In order of decreasing access to content these are:

  • Guild_Wars_2:_Heart_of_Thorns (expansion), unrestricted access to all content, free to play after one-time purchase.
  • Guild Wars 2 (original), unrestricted access to core game, but no Heart of Thorns features, free to play after purchase, no longer available for purchase from ArenaNet.
  • Free Account, restricted access to core game, no Heart of Thorns features, unlimited time, totally free.
  • Trial Account, obsolete (no longer available), limited time access with restrictions similar to free accounts.

Creating an account

A new account is created when using a 25-character alphanumeric serial code (also known as an access key). The serial code can appear on the distribution media or sent digitally via email. The serial code is associated with an email address and password that are entered into the login screen. Free Accounts do not require a serial code.



文件:Free accounts prompt.jpg
Free accounts Upgrade prompt
The only upgrade path currently available is to purchase the full Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion that includes a new account serial code. There are 3 different editions (Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate). There is no discount available for those who have already purchased the original release. There are two ways to upgrade: via the Black Lion Trading Company and by clicking the upgrade prompt always visible in the upper-left corner of Free accounts. You may also make a purchase via the official website, but this will not result in an upgrade.


Many characteristics are associated with an account and shared by all characters on an account.

Home World

Each new account must select a home world as part of the initial setup. This selection is only relevant when accessing World versus World. Accounts can be transferred to a different world once every 7 days, if the new world is not full.

If there are no characters in the account then the transfer is free. Otherwise, there is a cost that is determined by the population of the new world. The account is logged out during the transfer process, which might take 5-30 minutes.

Initial resources

New accounts receive the following:



Upgrades and unlocks

Player interactions

  • Contacts are shared across the entire account.
  • Mail sent by another player can be read and deleted by any character in the account. However, selected game-generated mail can only be read and deleted by one character.
  • Guilds can be associated with an account. Each character can choose to represent a different one of five guilds. Only one character per account needs to be invited, since each will show up in the guild roster as a single member, however, each character must individually press the "represent" button to enable their participation with that guild.


Certain limitations apply to all accounts. Guild Wars 2 (original) accounts do not have access to Heart of Thorns (expansion) features. Additional limitations apply only to Free accounts.

Character level requirement

Some content is restricted until at least one character on the account has reached the minimum level requirement, after which all characters in the account have access, regardless of level.

  • Cannot compose mail until level 6, but may receive mail.
  • Cannot leave starting areas (except for entering cities) until level 10, but one waypoint in every starting area is available.
  • Cannot enter Lion's Arch until level 35.
User interface

These game modes can still be accessed through the asura gates in Lion's Arch or key binding the panels.

Daily achievements
  • 1 achievement per category — unlocked by default
  • 3 achievements per category — unlocked at level 11
  • 4 achievements per category — unlocked at level 31

Time requirement

Some content is restricted until sufficient real-world time has passed. Use the Chat command "/age" to display: the number of days since account creation, the number of hours played by all characters and the number of hours played by the current character.

Three Day

There is a 72-hour restriction on:

  • Currency Exchange in the Gem store after account creation to combat botting and scams.
  • All deposits and withdrawals to the Guild Vault after joining a guild. The time remaining is shown on the Guild Vault display and the entire vault is "grayed out". This timer is reset if you leave and rejoin a guild. It is not affected by either Guild Rank or Vault permissions.
First Month

The first 30 days following creation, a new account is limited as follows:

  • Amount of coin that can be mailed. However, any amount can be received.
  • Value of items both deposited into and withdrawn from a Guild Vault.

The amount you are allowed increases approximately one gold every 10 hours. When this amount is exceeded, the error message that appears is: 

Free accounts

文件:Free account lockout.jpg
3 of 5 character slots locked out
Free accounts have a number of additional restrictions placed on them, with the intent of preventing malicious persons from using them to disrupt the game and to encourage purchase of the game.
  • Initial character slots (2). The other 3 of 5 initial slots are blocked.
  • Bag slots per character (3), 20-slot starter bag plus 2 expansion slots, initially empty.
  • Maps and Content — starter maps only until character level 10; Lion's Arch unlocked at character level 35.
    • In-game message is: "You must be level 35 to enter this area. You can open your map by pressing M and travel to other starting zones. Upgrade your account by purchasing Heart of Thorns to access this area immediately."
    • There is one waypoint in every starting area automatically available for transport before level 35.
  • In-game mail limited to mutual friends; prohibits sending coin and items, but they can both be received.
  • Guild Vault unavailable, but full access to all other guild features.
  • Chats available.
    • Whisper chat limited to one new player conversation within 30 seconds (excluding mutual friends).
    • Map chat unavailable.
    • Squad chat unlocked at character level 30.
    • PvP chat — team chat available; PvP Lobby chat unlocked at PvP Rank 20; emotes, map chat, and say chat disabled during matches
  • Looking For Group unlocked at character level 30
  • World versus World unlocked at character level 60
  • Login rewards unavailable
  • Gem Store limited to items usable by free accounts
  • Currency Exchange — gems to gold exchange available, gold to gems exchange unavailable
  • Trading Post limited to items from a selected list (will be grayed-out with a locked symbol in the lower-left corner).
  • Transferring to different worlds is unavailable
  • Official Forum posting unavailable



  • Free Accounts became available on August 29, 2015.
  • Trial Accounts were previously available during trial weekends and had similar restrictions as the Free Accounts.

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